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    Excellence & Leadership

    For over 40 years our surgeons have served as leaders in our medical community:
    • Chiefs of Surgery              • Outstanding Physician Awards
    • Charlotte’s Top Docs       • Presidents of Surgical Societies

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    Our personable surgeons and friendly staff will always care for you with a warm smile. You will be at ease in our friendly atmosphere.

  • convenient
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    We are always there for you. With two convenient locations and 24 hour a day coverage, you are always just a phone call away from your surgeon.

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A Bariatric Surgery Charlotte NC Scale

Bariatric Surgery in Charlotte

Carolina Surgical is a Center of Excellence in Weight Loss Surgery. We offer the gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, Lap band, and Realize band. We have a simple path to bariatric surgery in 3 easy steps.
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Free Bariatric Surgery Seminars in Charlotte and Matthews NC
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Hernia Repair Surgery in Charlotte NC

Hernia Repair

Hernias usually occur in the groin or in the navel, but they can also occur anywhere in the abdomen. They are tears in the abdominal wall that allow bulging. Carolina Surgical offers a variety of solutions for hernias, including laparoscopic hernia surgery and minimal incision techniques.

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Gall Bladder Removal Charlotte

Gall Bladder

Pain in your upper abdomen after meals can be a sign of gallstones. Our surgeons are experienced in diagnosing and treating gallbladder disorders. Our minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery techniques can be performed as an outpatient and will make your recovery faster.

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Breast Cancer Surgery in Charlotte NC

Breast Cancer

We specialize in breast cancer treatment. We know this diagnosis is difficult so we make every effort to see you within 24 hours.

Then we take the time to walk you through the many therapeutic options and pick the right one for you.

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