Liver / GI Cancer Surgeries

Liver Cancer – Charlotte, North Carolina

The treatment of primary and metastatic hepatic (liver) malignancies is constantly changing. By keeping up with these developments, we are able to treat and extend the life of patients who previously had no options for treatment. Through continuing education we remain on the cutting edge of these therapies. We can safely perform all major liver surgeries except transplantation. Most of these procedures can now be done laparoscopically, which normally results in a shorter recovery period.

For tumors that cannot undergo conventional resection, we offer radiofrequency ablation. This procedure uses heat to destroy the tumor.

When tumors are found to be too large for resection, there are other options. First, we can shrink the tumor to make it small enough for resection. By using modalities such as chemotherapy, intra-arterial chemoembolization or embolization with radioactive beads, we can often shrink larger tumors down to a size that can be safely resected. Additionally, we can promote the regeneration of healthy liver prior to surgery with a technique called portal vein embolization. With a larger volume of healthy liver, we can more safely resect larger cancers.

Our cancer surgeons in Charlotte coordinate all of these treatments with other specialists in a logical, multidisciplinary fashion in an effort to cure patients who historically had no options.