“I’m too ashamed to follow-up”

A patient recently told me that her friend had had bariatric surgery several years ago, and was now reverting to some bad habits.  She was snacking on junk food and not exercising.  As a result, the friend was regaining weight but was too ashamed to go back to see her doctor.  My patient told her “sinning is not a reason to stay away from church.  Hate the sin, not the sinner.”

I chuckled at this response because it seemed so fitting.  Sometimes people fear coming back in to see me if they are faltering after bariatric surgery, but that is the best time to get back on track.  We have a nutritionist, a support group, and other outside resources to help people get back on track and stay there.  Remember, the bariatric surgery tool is always there, ready to work for patients.  It is never to late to regain control of one’s health and weight.  We will never be judgmental or critical of someone struggling, but we will hold that person accountable.  If you are struggling after bariatric surgery, don’t be ashamed to give us a call for help.

Carl Lowe, Jr., MD

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