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Bariatric Surgery – Charlotte, North Carolina

Necole has a new chance at life after gastric bypass surgery


Heather describes how losing over 100 pounds from bariatric surgery
has changed her life.


Bill no longer has diabetes after bariatric surgery.

Carolina Surgical of Charlotte, North Carolina offers a complete range of bariatric surgery and weight loss options. We have proudly offered bariatric surgery in Charlotte since 2001, making us pioneers in the field.  Our surgeons, Michael Melkonian, MD, and Carl Lowe, Jr., MD are certified as Center of Excellence Bariatric Surgeons, and our results meet or exceed all national benchmarks.

We offer a full compliment of bariatric procedures, including:


We Keep Bariatric Surgery Simple

We believe in smoothing out your road to weight loss surgery.  The process should not be burdensome to you, so we provide a simple path to bariatric surgery in 3 easy steps.

Most insurance companies cover bariatric surgery. Learn the specific requirements of your insurance company.


Comprehensive Support after Bariatric Surgery

We offer comprehensive support before and after your bariatric surgery in Charlotte .  In addition to providing support groups, in-house nutritionists, and trained nurses, we have established an extensive network of help groups, psychologists, and health professions around the city for additional support along your journey.  We want to partner with you for life in your weight loss journey.  Get Started!