How to Get Started

Bariatric / Weight Loss Surgery – Charlotte, North Carolina

After viewing the informational video, print the Starter Packet to begin your 3 simple steps to bariatric surgery. Then call (704) 377-3900 or click to make an appointment.

3 Steps to Bariatric Surgery

In general, there are 3 steps that everyone must complete for gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding (LapBand, Realize band):

Step 1- Get Medical Records

Weight loss surgery is a last resort option for people who have been struggling with obesity for years. Insurance companies want to see proof that you have struggled with your weight for at least 2 years before approving you for bariatric surgery. A doctor’s note from an old office visit is the only acceptable proof. Your weight shown on any kind of doctor’s note is what you need.

Step 2- Psychological Evaluation

All patients must have a psychological evaluation before weight loss surgery. You may find your own Psychiatrist or Psychologist, or use one of the following doctors recommended by our patients:

Lisa Lorence, Psy.D

6135 Park South Dr, Suite 510
Charlotte, NC 28210

Sara Rose, PhD, LPC

1515 Mockingbird Ln, Suite 800
Charlotte, NC 28209





Step 3- Weight Management Program

In order to get the most out of your surgery, you must make a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and exercise. We offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program that teaches you how to eat differently and live a more active lifestyle. The program will continue to be available
to you even after your surgery. The program includes:

  • A 40 minute, one-on-one initial evaluation with our registered dietician to assess your current eating and exercise habits, and give you a personalized plan
  • Monthly visits with the dietician to check your progress
  • Food log tracking
  • Behavior modification
  • Exercise counseling
  • Support groups
  • Private monthly weigh-ins
  • Accountability on a regular basis

Some insurance companies require that you participate in this program for 3 – 6 months before approving you for surgery, but others don’t so be sure to check on your specific requirements. For your convenience we offer the added requirements of some selected insurance companies.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies cover bariatric surgery, but you want to be sure yours does not have any exclusions. Before doing anything else, please call your health insurance company to find out if your policy covers weight loss surgery when medically necessary.