Non-Surgical Option

Non-Surgical / Medical Weight Loss – Charlotte

Carolina Surgical offers a comprehensive weight loss program that is good for 12 months of care. It is available no matter where you are on your weight loss journey. Some people have used it to prepare their bodies for weight loss surgery, and some have used it to keep weight off after surgery. It is even available to those who are looking for a non-surgical option for weight loss.

You Get:

  • A 40 minute, one-on-one initial evaluation with our registered dietician to assess your current eating and exercise habits, and give you a personalized plan
  • Monthly visits with the dietician to check your progress
  • Food log tracking
  • Behavior modification
  • Exercise counseling
  • Support groups
  • Private monthly weigh-ins
  • Accountability on a regular basis

Who Qualifies?

  • Anyone who has had bariatric surgery OR
  • Anyone with a BMI over 30

What is the Cost?

  • $250 / year for patients new to the program.
  • $200 / year for established weight loss patients.
  • There are no hidden fees.

Our Team

The program is run by our certified, Center of Excellence Bariatric team of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists.

Print a flyer.

If more than non-surgical weight loss is desired, there are several bariatric surgery options to compare.